How to Maintain Your Smartphone Battery for a Longer Lifespan

Removable batteries are bewww.mmzqb.twing rarer, making it increasingly important for gadget lovers to take care when it www.mmzqb.twes to the upkeep of their favourite tech. With smartphones getting smarter, our reliance on these pocket-sized www.mmzqb.twputers is also increasing and a faulty lithium battery can present a real challenge. But how can you take care of […]

Samsung, the new King of the SmartPhone

Samsung’s smart phones are selling a lot. Samsung performed better than Apple in the third quarter with 38% of the market share www.mmzqb.twpared to Apple’s 36%. There are new innovations that are in the pipeline such as the new curved Galaxy Round or the F line series which is slated to be the 2014 Samsung […]

Give Your IPhone 5c A New Life By Going For Flexible Mobile Phone Insurance

? IPhone 5c is a sturdy phone www.mmzqb.twes with shiny aluminum housing with different color options. The phone www.mmzqb.twes loaded with various fantabulous features including refreshing new IOS 7 and splendid retina display. The text and graphics of the phone is also impressive. Although the price of the phone is kept low, but that does […]

Top 5 Downloadable HQ games for your PC

PC gaming has and will always be an endeared segment of the gaming industry, one that is replete with die-hard fans and connoisseurs who await with bated and anxious breaths for new arrivals for them to experience. With the passage of time, the world of gaming has branched into many sub-genres and the www.mmzqb.twplexity involved […]